Wednesday, April 13, 2011

des roses françaises

We have this gorgeous pink rose vine that lines our backyard, called the Peggy Martin or Hurricane Katrina rose. The story is that an avid rose gardener had this hearty rose for years. During Katrina, her home and garden flooded, and she lost everything. When she came back to New Orleans, after her home had been under 20' of water for two weeks, the rose had survived.

This rose has become a symbol of New Orleans, and we are so proud to have it in our garden.

This picture was taken over a week ago. There are so many more roses now!


  1. I love those vines! I have vines that creep up every summer and we usually let them run a little wild but I wish mine had flowers on them.

  2. beautiful garden..please read the article about waterproofing membrane